Brad Reifler’s Long History of Establishing Successful Investment Firms Speaks for Itself

Financial Professional Brad Reifler has often been called a serial entrepreneur due to the numerous companies he has either helped establish or worked for. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Although Mr. Reifler is better known as the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, he has been a key player in the advancement and development of many companies including one owned by his grandfather. Prior to establishing a company called Pali, Brad Reifler was considered a top trader at Refco. Pali Capital was referred to as a boutique investment company that offered financial advice and brokerage services.

In 1981 Mr. Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College in Main, through which he obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science. After obtaining his degree, Brad Reifler went about starting his first company, which was called Reifler Trading Company, with a subsequent offshoot of Reifler Capital Management.

Before selling the company in 2000, Mr. Reifler had already launched Pali Capital, which was showing immense growth in the amount of revenue it obtained during each financial year. The success of this company was due in large part to Mr. Reifler’s knowledge of global markets, which allowed him to help small investors make better choices.

Crunchbase reported that Brad Reifler’s knowledge of global markets also allowed him to serve as director for many prestigious financial companies. He has served on the Board of Directors at Genesis Securities and the European American Investment Bank.

He has also served in the capacity of director for such companies as Root Exchange, Wins Financial Holdings and ITG Market Research.

Brad Reifler chose to start Forefront Capital as a way to serve small scale investors. In an effort to help defer the high costs of management fees, he implemented a strategy where his company would not charge a fee for services until an investor had made a minimum of eight percent income.

Chaz Dean’s Innovative Cleansing Conditioner

By now, just about everybody has heard of WEN. Developed by hair stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean, this product has changed the way that Americans think about cleaning their hair. This product has been featured in fashion magazines, infomercials, and in leading brick-and-mortar stores.

WEN is a one-step haircare solution. This product is elegant in its simplicity, eliminating the need for standalone hair products like detanglers. It both cleans and conditions in one step. WEN has been specially formulated to lock moisture into each strand of hair. This helps keep hair shiny, clean and manageable for users.

WEN works for all hair types, from fine straight hair to kinky 4c curls. These products are gentle, made without harsh detergents or sulfates. WEN is a great choice for hair that is often treated with heat, bleach or other harsh chemicals. This is one reason that it first became popular with the actresses Chaz Dean worked with.

Chaz Dean still maintains his Hollywood salon business, even as WEN continues to expand. He and his team continue to see clients for cut, color, perm and other services. This hands-on experience helps inform the development of new products for the WEN line.

These days, WEN has a large and loyal following. Customers eagerly await limited-edition seasonal products. Other recent additions to the WEN haircare line include WEN Pets Cleansing Conditioner. This is a great choice for owners of dogs like golden doodles and bichons. Their curly hair and sensitive skin require products that work for sensitive skin. WEN is a great solution for them, just as it has been for their people.